Local Sightings 2012 Winners Announced

Thank you for being part of Local Sightings 2012 – we’re proud to announce the juried winners of the festival this year.

Local Sightings jury members Patrick Wang and Xan Aranda present the short film award to filmmaker Brian Perkins.











Portland’s Nandan Rao, director of The Men of Dodge City, is the winner of our $500 feature
film prize. The Men of Dodge City will also get a full week’s run at Northwest Film

Seattle’s Brian Perkins, director of The Heavens, is the winner of our $250 short film
prize, and $250 worth of studio time and equipment rental at the Film Forum.

The jury, composed of filmmakers Xan Aranda, Robinson Devor and Patrick Wang, made the following statements about the winning films:

“This year’s winner is a film where we the jury members found our views of the film changing as its progress outpaced our expectations. With a masterful eye and ear to the world, it presents cinema on its own terms and with innovative realism. It is unpredictable while achieving a beautiful balance of elements. With sometimes jarring cuts balancing long scenes seen from a static camera. With views of clean and confident modern architecture offsetting neglected spaces in transition. And with central characters young and male stretched by a diverse community outside this narrow demographic, the film shows broader ambitions, richer detail and a more mature temperament than suggested by any description in brief. Technically assured, with contemplative cinematography and effortless performances, the film successfully brings us into the spaces, rhythms, aspirations, and detours of the lives advertised in its title.”

“Shorts are often the most equal-opportunity form of filmmaking out there, so it is quite rare to see a piece that successfully conjures, presents, and fills a completely absorbing world within it – regardless of budget. With this film, we found ourselves delighted by the director and actors’ full commitment to story AND technical limitations. In a brief period of time, we’re transported to another galaxy and presented with two intersecting lives. There is action, intrigue, and romance among laser beams and a menacing ball of foil – all while we’re aware this film is being made in front of a lo-fi green screen. We don’t care, we just want to know what happens next. We’d watch it again, just to enjoy how the cosmonaut captains transport themselves from ship to ship, their knees quivering as we quake. The Heavens is a treat.”

The second annual audience awards, hosted by Naked City Brewery, went to Peter Edlund’s In the Rough (short) and Lauralee Farrer’s Not That Funny (feature). Both will screen at Naked City’s Taphouse in Greenwood during 2013.

The second annual composers awards for best musical score, hosted by the Seattle
Composers Alliance
jury of Tim Huling, Stan LePard and Eric Nielsen, was awarded to short film Pretty My Face and Green My Eyes (composer: Brendan Hogan) and feature Not That Funny (composer: David Hlebo).

Congratulations to all of the artists in this year’s festival and thank you to our juries and partners!

>> On festival closing night the Film Forum awarded $15K in cash and $40K of artist services via its Northwest Film Fund. Read an announcement of the winners here.

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